About CellProtect

CellProtect is a privately-held biotech, with the intent to become a sustainable entrepreneurial biotech with a portfolio of assets, each of which is targeted to diseases with significant unmet medical need. CellProtect will drive each asset to clinical proof of concept after which it will identify the best partners to bring the assets to market.

To achieve this aim for sustainability, CellProtect’s leadership team and board of directors are focused on getting their first product, CP-201, into clinical trials.

The parent compound of CP-201 was tested in phase 2 clinical trials, but was never marketed. CP-201 is a new molecular entity, and there is compelling preclinical and clinical data suggesting that CP-201 will be efficacious in various forms of cancer and in other diseases.

In December 2015, CellProtect assembled a new team to develop CP-201 through phase 2 proof of concept in one or more indications and then seek to further partner or out-license the product.

The team is comprised of serial entrepreneurs, drug development/medical experts, and experienced biotech startup and pharma executives. Their extensive experience ensures that the right questions are asked, the right experiments conducted, and the right clinical studies implemented.